Wanneroo Youth Centre

The Wanneroo Youth Centre (the Centre) is one of two dedicated youth centres within the City, and combined with the Wanneroo Skate Park, it forms the Wanneroo Youth Precinct. It was constructed in 1986 and aims is to provide a safe space for young people to engage with their peers and the City’s youth team and provide a range of recreational activities. The redevelopment of the skate park in 2016 and the activation of the facility have increased usage to the building and surrounding areas.

The proposed New Building refurbishments and expansion, is designed to meet the requirements of the buildings intended purpose including appropriate accessibility and to attract some diverse or different cohorts and activities in the Centre and to meet the needs of the users and the local youth community

The Youth Centre has been extended to provide a variety of community spaces that are interconnected and can be opened up to larger spaces for larger community groups. All kitchen and toilet facilities have been upgraded and comply to accessible requirements. Viewed 3-dimensionally, the building allows for natural light to all the spaces and encompasses the outdoor areas into an integrated sculptural whole